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Sachin Construction
Jawahar Jyoti Co Hou Soc Ltd,
Flat No. 3, Building No. 3,
Plot No. 101, Off. 15 Road,
Near Hajoori Bridge Pipeline,
Louiswadi, Thane (West)
400 604. India
Tel No:.91 22 2542 1473
Mob No: 9820009345 /
9819744995 / 9819343423
Fax No: 91 22 2542 1473
E-mail: Info@sachinconstruction.co.in


Welcome to Sachin Construction!

The Sole Owner of the firm is Sachin Jangid (S/o Laxman Jangid) and is having a practical experience of construction activities in the guidance of his genius Father. He has done the Mechanical Engineering, so that he can tackle with the Machinery’s, Tools and Equipments used in construction works.

The Firm has set a very good reputation in and around Thane City & Ahmadabad.

The firm has all the latest equipments and Machinery’s required for the construction in Projects. The firm is also having a well Qualified and Experienced Staff, well convergent with all aspects of the Construction

The firm is also having the best Technical Services, so that it can take care
of each and every aspect of Project.